Warp 2.0

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Autonomous electronic hookah set delivering a unique smoking experience.

The first truly working electronic hookah in the world! 

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Warp is an autonomous, charcoal-free hookah using smart technologies for heating regular hookah tobacco. Warp delivers an exceptional session without the need to interfere with the heating technology. 

However, if you wish to set and control the heating intensity according to your preference, you may do so via the Hookamonk mobile app or on the touch display on the Warp electronic heating head. 

Warp main benefits: 

  • revolutionary heating technology: authentic charcoal-free hookah experience
  • clean smoking: CO neutrality and elimination of harmful carcinogens

  • new level of comfort: hassle-free preparation and smoking

  • consistent and full taste: no charcoal aftertaste, pure and intense tobacco taste

  • convenience & safety: no open fire - walk away, come back, restart your session


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Warranty: 1 year