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Treat yourself and your friends with a rich smoking experience. It's easy for both, a complete beginner and a professional hookarian to excel with it.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The only truly universal and practical crown on the market. Thanks to the unique materials and manufacturing it pulls out the maximum taste and intensity of the tobacco while maintaining the standard length of the session. Material used (duraluminium) a the surface coating ensures its almost immortality and consistency of performance even after many uses. In addition, it is easy to wash, so you will always have it easily prepared for the next session.

And the best thing in the end - thanks to the silicone foot you won't need any extra rubber filling, the crown is compatible with most pipes on the market.

Main features

- suitable for all types of tobacco
- suitable for complete beginners
- unbreakable
- gives maximum taste of tobacco
- no rubber filling required
- easy to wash
- saving - 15-20g of tobacco per session
- 100% compatibility with our HMS Nova and most of the most commonly used HMS on the market