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Durable, elegant and well manufactured steel hookah for a lifetime daily use.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The body of the pipe is turned from solid stainless steel, which is not only very elegant and effective, but above all highly functional.

Thanks to its thickness, the material keeps the smoke cool and thus contributes to a better taste pleasure. In addition, its maintenance is hygienic and trouble-free. To prevent anything from pulling easily, we optimised the diameter of all the holes in the pipe. We designed and manufactured the hookah for the greatest possible resistance  - for example, the valve and the mouth of the tendon are embedded in the body so that it does not break. This is a truly life-time hookah convenient for the daily use. 

Some of the core features:

  • New heart of the pipe with better air flow
  • Improved elegant hose connector
  • Integrated diffuser at the end of the pipe for a better feeling from smoking
  • Better processing of the pipe construction
  • New coal tray with passive cooling
  • Newly designed stainless steel mouthpiece

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Category: Nebulla
Warranty: 2 years