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Hookah in white design made of handmade porcelain body with a vase made of Czech crystal and a solid stand for placement on the table. The integrated light shines from top to bottom through the optically modelled folds of the vase, creating a unique ambient atmosphere. Inhale and exhale with a feeling of a unique moment…

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In the mood of absolute connection with your dear ones and your soul... your Anima. Handcrafted from the finest crystal glass and porcelain. Modern and clean shaping will provide you with subtle and aesthetic design and top smoking experience.

The Anima development team draws on years of experience in developing unique hookahs. Our mission is to bring you innovative products that go far beyond what is usual today on the market. Be a part of Anima and dive into a new dimension with our products.

Vít Bechynský Product Designer assembled his first hookah at the age of 16, although it could not be called design at the time, but it served its function. In recent years, he has been behind the development of successful products on both domestic and foreign markets. With the ambition to bring a product for the 21st century, he embarked on the development of a completely new hookah concept with a group of friends and experts in the field. With the first sketch, he embodied the idea of innovative hookahs and the Anima brand. The whole experience of the products should inspire you to explore your own soul ...

Anima brings a completely unique hookah construction to the market. It starts with the curved body which causes the horizon of the water surface isn't in the axis of the hookah, then the entire weight of the product is distributed at three static points and last but not least the integrated, animated lighting. All of it confirms the original idea of making a modern product of the 21st century. The design line is minimalist and at the same time modern and original.

The atmosphere of the whole smoking experience is essential. Therefore we have designed an integrated light source.

Anima light has many light and colour combinations, choose the one that will bring you the perfect atmosphere. The light is powered by easily replaceable AA batteries.

The hookah itself has several design innovations. Except for the outstanding look, it is the top of the vase where we designed a 10 cm inside diameter for easy cleaning or entry of large pieces of fruit. The second one is a high performing one-way valve that allows a smoke exhaust out of the vase. You can also completely disassemble the whole hookah which makes it very easy to keep it completely clean.

Your Anima will arrive in a package that intentionally uses only recyclable materials and each part is designed to maximize the protection of each component.

Each hookah is shipped in one box. In a case of ordering larger quantities, the boxes are designed for stacking and shipped on EUR-pallet.

Anima Hookahs are designed from high quality materials which embodies great durability. Already during the development, we emphasized cooperation with masters from many fields. This is the only way to create a smart, highly functional product with a sense for detail and craftsmanship.

We value local masters of crafts and therefore all materials and components are carefully selected and manufactured by them in the Czech Republic.

Anima Hookah products combine unique materials such as porcelain, carbon, silicone, but also traditional and handmade ones such as Czech crystal glass or solid wood.

To assure the highest quality of your smoking experience we spent a great amount of time designing the product which is deeply detail-oriented.

Best masters of craft participate in the development and production itself, starting with handmade porcelain, hand-blowing glass or using modern materials such as carbon.

Anima Hookahs are produced in the Czech Republic, the heart of the European Union.